I hear you’re interested in fitness.

Fitness is a broad term, but your interests probably include one or more of the following: losing fat, building muscle/getting strong, having more energy, and looking better in and out of clothes.

It’s important to identify what you’re after, so we can figure out an efficient blue-print to get you there.

It’s also important to identify why you want to make a change. Fitness is fun, but it often isn’t easy. Remembering why you started makes every tough time bearable. There will be tough times. They will be worth your pain.

Let’s break down what those possible goals might mean. Eliminating fancy terminology designed to confuse you will make our job easier.

Fat loss: there is losing weight, and there is losing fat. Any time you lose fat, you will be losing weight, but losing weight does mean you are losing fat. Changing your shape is different from shrinking your shape. Let’s use a fruit analogy: if you only focus on losing weight, you will go from being a large pear to a smaller pear. If you focus on losing fat (and concurrently building muscle) you will go from pear to strawberry, so to speak.

Oftentimes, people are after recompositioning of their body mass. This is commonly known as “toning”. “Toning” is just losing fat and building muscle.

Losing weight and losing fat can only come from eating in a caloric deficit. Calories are energy. If you consume more energy than you expend, your body will store that energy for when it needs it. This stored energy, if not used quickly, gets stored as brown adipose tissue (body fat). To lose fat, consume less energy than you expend, and either preserve or build muscle, depending on your specific goals.

Building muscle: Building muscle is arguably the single best thing a person can do for their health. Not only does muscle create an attractive physique, assist you in daily activities, and lower your resting heart rate (among many other benefits), it also makes you less likely to die from external factors. Being strong makes you hard to kill.

There are some misconceptions in the world about building muscle. One is that you have to eat like a bear out of hibernation to gain muscle. This is an easy way to gain unsightly fat, as many people over-estimate their caloric needs while under-estimating how much they’ve eaten. When you are trying to make a change to your body, track what you eat. Numbers do not lie.

Your body will adapt to anything you put in it. This is how prisoners gain so much muscle while being fed high carbohydrate GMO garbage food.

However, as you are free and not a prisoner, it is best to eat about as much protein as you can handle when trying to build muscle. Make sure that this protein doesn’t come from protein powders, as most of them are filled with junk and your body doesn’t absorb the protein they promise to deliver. Instead, eat eggs, meat, and fish.

You build muscle by putting your muscles under tension. This is the essence of weight training. Why lift weights? Because it is a controlled, efficient, and safe way to spend time under tension.

Building muscle is also a great way to change your metabolism. Eating food is fun. I have endured long periods of eating like relative garbage (cookies and pizza) while maintaining vascularity and visible abs, hallmarks of low body fat and adequate muscle mass. Simply put, muscle mass makes staying in shape easy.

Increased energy: You will have more energy if you are training. Your body was made to do work. It doesn’t like sitting at a desk or cubicle all day, only to go home and sit on a couch before getting in bed.

Your body was built to build.

To generate momentum, you need to get moving. This is why training early in the day is best. To reap maximum benefit from your efforts, beat the sun up. Do so while building your body.

You also have more energy as a result of training because of an increase of oxygen. When your body is under stress, it responds by pumping more blood into your muscles (among many other complex reactions). As a result, your body needs more oxygen. Oxygen energizes your mind and body, and is the most urgent element to sustaining human life. Don’t believe me? Don’t breathe for a few minutes. You’ll be dead.

Looking better naked: this is added benefit of extending your lifespan, increasing overall productivity, and improving your quality of life. Not only will you look better naked as a result of training and proper nutrition, but more people are going to want to get you naked. Your confidence level is going to skyrocket as a result of your hard work. While it is important to be comfortable alone, and to not depend on others for validation, it does feel damn when people touch your arm and their eyes bug in awe and envy for the first time.


Your body is your business card. Your physique cannot be bought. It must be earned. That is one of many reasons having one worthy of envy speaks volumes. Such a physique proves that you are a person who respects themselves and demands-no, commands-respect from the world around them. It shows that you have the discipline to show up, do the work, and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Building a physique is hard. It requires sacrifice. It demands change. But a physique is really just the by-product of consistent physical training and good nutrition. If you are training your body, and you aren’t eating well, what are you doing?

Sitting on the couch?

Eating trash food?

I will simplify fitness for you right now.

Demand more of your body every day. Get your heart rate and feel a burn in your muscles.

Eat lots of leafy greens, nuts, a little fruit, and quality meats. Drink a lot of water. Get in the sun enough to need sunscreen.

Don’t drink alcohol often. Don’t smoke anything. Laugh and have sex often. Re-frame your stress and maintain optimism.

Want to get started building your body? Grab Statue Jacked-it’s the best program for building a physique worth envying on the planet.

In iron,



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