The best bodies are Roman.

Rome wasn’t built in day, the saying goes.

So don’t expect to your body to be, either.

We live in society of instant gratification. One stop shopping. Overnight delivery. I can get online, search on Google, and stream a movie that’s in theatres with my high-speed internet.

If you want it, it can be bought. You can have whatever you want right away.

You cannot buy a career worth having. You cannot buy a technique that sustains. You cannot buy a body worth respecting.

The best things in life you have to earn.

Ten years ago, I was tired of being fat. To other people, my fatness defined me. I was the only person (I felt) who saw something more.

So what did I do?

I cut my lunches in half, joined the football team, and went to the gym after practice. In swim class, when everyone else took a breather-I swam.

I was hungry as hell for food but hungrier for change.

I started school weighing just under 200 lbs. 8 months later, I weighed in around 150 lbs. But I was just getting started.

I dedicated myself to building muscle. I was determined not only to never return to my former shape (round), but to build a physique that would stand the test of time (statue).

Through the years, I’ve tried all types of workouts and diets. There’s an overwhelming amount of information out there. Ask 10 fit people what their secret formula is, you’ll get 10 different solutions.

10 different formulas, but 1 common ingredient.


Consistency is key.

If you’re going to skip one workout, skip them all. If you’re going to give a half-assed effort, expect half-assed results.

Results are a direct result of effort.

In fitness, mindset is the only non-literal ingredient for success.

You can put your hands on everything else.

The weights you lift.

The food you eat.

The muscles you make.

Consistency is key.

Approach fitness like you approach your craft.

Would you practice consistently for two weeks, then sporadically for a few months, then not at all, and be surprised to have not gotten any better?

Would you work or train or aspire to be in a place where you don’t respect the work that anyone does?

Would you listen to someone who has never played your instrument or worked at the level you aspire to be at, or at least respect?

Then why would you treat fitness any other way?


Consistency is key.

To build a body with staying power, lay a strong foundation. Reinforce that foundation. The stronger the foundation, the higher you can build and the longer your creation will last.

Is fitness, then, no different from every other pursuit?

Excellence begins with fundamentals and cannot be had instantly.

There’s a popular maxim that stresses the importance of the journey over the destination. But having a vision of the destination is what makes the tough times on the journey bearable.

You have to focus on both the journey and the destination.

Put one foot in front of the other and go from there. Just don’t stop moving. Keep at it, and one day, you’ll look in the mirror and be shocked at what you’ve made.

But you’ll probably hear about your evolution from those around you first.

We know this at We give you all the tools.

You just have to do the work.

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