I sent the following letter to some clients on the first of November.

Really, I felt as if I were writing to myself. I am constantly in pursuit of refinement and self-advancement, and believe that “discipline equals freedom“, as Jocko says.


Good morning, 

It is the first of the month. 

I find the first of a month to be a better starting point than a Monday. 

A bigger, more measurable slate to be wiped clean, of sorts. 

Here’s the deal: I think we’re in a discipline crisis. 

lack of discipline is the reason I am not worth millions and my name not known worldwide. The reason I don’t have a sparkling new aria package, and I missed some competition deadlines. My lack of discipline literally cost me thousands. 

It is the reason you didn’t keep track of exactly what I asked you to track of or engage in what I asked you to engage in (calories, carbs, hydration, water).

Is it completely our fault? Absolutely not. 

Our distraction is all by design. 

Consider food, for example. Weight gain is so prevalent because, by design, fast food (garbage food) is readily available for you to consume en masse at the push of a button. 

It can be delivered to you without you ever leaving the couch or comfort of home. 

Perhaps you had a craving for it when you saw a commercial on TV. You weren’t even hungry, and had perfectly hit your macros, but then you saw that Arby’s “had the meats” (a great campaign, it is true). 

Your brain sends signals to your body, overriding your satiety, preparing you for food. 

Hell, you’re a caveman at the core, a primal beast-you never stood a chance against “the meats.”

You taste that sweet food, and though you had already fed your body adequate nutrition, your brain releases chemicals in a manner similar to that of when you do drugs, and then it isn’t your body that needs this food-it’s your mind. Wants it, needs it, craves it. 

Then, lo and behold, you’ve eaten 1000 more calories than your body needed, and whats’ worse, they were filled with insulin-spiking trans-fat laden phytoestrogen garbage food that increases your inflammation, depletes your serotonin and dopamine, lowers testosterone, and goes straight to your gut. 

Couple this cycle with a culture that prizes sedentarily binge-watching Netflix over forcing yourself through daily physical challenge, and we have a recipe for fat gain, depression and anxiety; a perfect storm for men with shorter attention span than a goldfish to become totally complacent. 

But look, we’re here. On the first of the month, where the sun has yet to rise, and the day is completely ours to make of it what we will. 

So what are we going to do with it? What does this opportunity mean if we don’t acknowledge and, worse, don’t act on it?

It will mean nothing. It means you stay the same, and I stay the same. 

Change is what we seek. No arbitrary metamorphoses, but a deliberate evolution.  


The modern world seeks to pacify our forward momentum with readied quicksand traps: Netflix, sugar-laden foods, soy and phytoestrogens, and convoluted news that isn’t true and has nothing to do with our daily lives. 

We must make an effort to control what we can control. 

What can you control: your appearance, the food you eat, the activity you take, and most importantly, the hardship that you choose to endure. 

It is easier than ever to lift a soft and pacified life. 

From time to time, that’s fine-let us enjoy the comforts our society has engineered. As those at the top of the food chain, it’s our distinct privilege. 

However, it is on us to create balance to what would otherwise be Sloth. 

We must push harder and with more focus than ever before. 

If we don’t, we are at risk of completely losing ourselves and worse, wasting the opportunities that lay right in front of our very eyes. 

Never has the time been more ripe to succeed. Our peers have set the bar low. Ask yourself: how many people do you know, in your field, who do their jobs at a mediocre/lack-luster level, and are praised for it? 

What would happen if you truly pushed yourself to excellence?

For me, I have noticed that every aspect of my life is balanced out the others. This means that if I am diligent and relentless in one area, I find myself working just as hard in every other. Conversely, if I’m eating like trash and not training hard in the gym (for example), the rest of my life is pulled down as well. 

While everyone else is succumbing to the traps laid out before them, we will be as in a forge, creating something tremendous, ironclad, and unshakeable. 

Through creating an Environment of Discipline, we free ourselves to realize the Vision of The Self. 

Go hard, be relentless, and control what you can control today. 

In iron, 



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In iron,


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